Popular Traditional Music Instruments of Different Countries

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Enanga: Movable rings get the perfect sound on enanga, which are placed just beneath the tuning pegs. Strings vibrate against the rings and a buzzing sound is produced. This sound is even heard on some lyres & sansa. Strings on the instrument are basically arranged in a progressive manner from high to the low note. 1St , 2nd and 3rd strings from the octaves with n 6th, 7th and 8th strings respectively. Nowadays, the instrument is known as adungu and used widely in Protestant and Catholic rural churches.

Engalabi: Traditional Fumbo has a reptile skin nailed to wood. But the Uganda government because of the environmental reasons has discouraged this specific practice for long. This musical instrument from Buganda that is played in the music theatres plays a vital role in ceremony known as Okwabya olumbe. It is the installation of successor to deceased, thus the great saying in…

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