Questions Frequently Asked By Customers In Brisbane To Get Magnetic Car Signs Installed

Magnetic Car Signs
Although car magnets are a simple car sign product, there are a few common questions, which potential customers frequently ask. Given below are those questions along with their answers. So, if you are someone who would like to get a magnetic car sign installed on your vehicle, this one might be of help to you.

How to keep car magnets from flying off the vehicle?

The first thing that you need to ensure is that your printing firm provides magnets with rounded corners. This method makes the magnets a lot more aerodynamic & prevents air from catching corners of magnets & pulling them off the car or vehicle. Once you get the magnet, ensure it’s totally flat before applying it to the vehicle. If your magnets had been ordered online, take them out from the tube & flatten them on a fridge for twenty-four hours before installing them. Also make sure there is no dirt or dust between the magnet and the vehicle; if dust or dirt remains then there will be a chance for the magnet to fall off. Apply the magnet to a smooth, flat area of your vehicle.

What’s the most popular size for magnets?

12”x24” is the most popular magnet size for cars. For trucks, vans and SUVs, 18”x24” is the size. Since every vehicle is different from one another there is no standard size for car magnets. All that’s essential is measuring the area of your vehicle before ordering the magnets so that you get the right size.

Are magnetic car signs weather resistant?

Reputed magnetic car sign companies in Brisbane generally print magnetic with UV resistant inks so that they do not fade in sunlight. They also laminate the magnets, which means that a film is used over the printed portion of the magnet acting as a weather seal. The magnets need to be removed in extreme weather conditions as a precautionary measure. However, if it is a laminated magnet, then not to worry – it can hold up to snow, heat, rain etc.

How to store car magnets?

Car magnets must be stored flat so that they do not warp or bend over time. They must never be placed in backseat of your vehicle and should be stacked on top of one another front to back. The magnets can get damaged if the magnetic sides of the magnets touch one another.