How to Make Furniture Removal Easier During Relocations?

How to Make Furniture Removal Easier During Relocations
When you are about to shift your residence from one place to another, one of the most daunting tasks that you will have to undertake is furniture removal. In addition to planning as well as organising the entire relocation, the task of removing the furniture items properly can be pretty overwhelming for you if you are not aware of the right way to tackle it. With the correct tips up your sleeve, however, you can easily undertake this gigantic work. Let’s have a look at some of the tips that you can follow:

Commence With The Bulkiest Items First

Though you might be tempted to just carry the light chairs and tools outside and load them in the moving truck, it would be far better if you leave them for the last. And there are several reasons as to why you should do that. Firstly, the lighter items can be placed conveniently on the heavy ones for conserving space. This can be an excellent way of transporting everything at one go. Secondly, if you start with the bulky furniture first, you would feel less clumsy when moving the light ones later on.

Exercise Caution While Moving Them Through Doors

Be extremely careful when you are fitting the furniture through the doors. If you are getting help from one of the Albany furniture removals firms, ask them to do the same. This part of the task requires to be dealt with patience and care. Making haste can result in damage of either the furniture or door frames, or both. Generally, it is recommended to hire professionals for doing this job rather than taking care of it all by yourself.

Disassemble the Furniture Items If Required

Some items would obviously be too bigger to squeeze through the doors, and that is why you may have to dismantle them. However, it may not always be imperative to do so entirely. For instance, pulling out the legs of beds and tables might be enough for passing them through the doors.

Safeguard The Furniture

If you are planning to load the furniture pieces on top of each other inside the moving truck or van, do not forget to complement them with some kind of protection. Sheets, blankets, bubble wraps, etc. can act as excellent shock absorbers and prevent abrasions or any other damage.