Ins and Outs Of Large Format Printing

large format printing

Large format printing can be best described as a form of advertising medium which supports maximum width of print rolls. The best thing about this is that it allows a professional to work on a larger surface area. It can be used for making a variety of items such as posters, banners, murals, wallpapers, etc. The procedure is ideal for applications that require graphic-heavy or visual designs and wide texts & images for creating effective signs.

The process of large format printing is sometimes also called grand or wide-format printing. It normally uses print rolls which are fed incrementally, rather than printing of individual sheets. The printer that is utilised uses the standard colour combination of CMYK – cyan, magenta, yellow and black, and consists of multiple nozzles which apply ink onto the paper material. Although the inks are quite dull in colour, they are highly resistant to fading and produce great quality images.

There have been several drawbacks as well as rumours associated with large format printing in the past. Earlier, during the era of old inkjet printers, it used to take about 5 minutes for embossing just one A1 drawing. Besides that, the printers were also very expensive and an individual had to spend a fortune to buy one. Being enormous in size, they used to take up a lot of space in offices. But advancements in technology during the modern times have made it possible to create printers that can emboss more than 200 A1 drawings within an hour. On top of that, these new systems are compact despite the fact that they stock all important functions including scan, copy and print. Not only are they environmentally friendly, but also consume less power without any ozone emissions.

In UK, the number of companies dealing with large format printing supplies is increasing day by day. This is because more and more businesses need everything done fast and cheap nowadays. And large format printing effectively meets with these needs. It provides a means to produce various forms of advertisement such as backlit graphics , banners and signs economically and quickly as well as in an eco-friendly manner. This in turn helps to meet growing consumer demands for brand promotion requisites to attract more customers and create maximum possible impact. Anything created using large format printing is very effective and of high quality. Custom museum graphics, giant media production, digital wallpapers, exhibition graphics, whatever may be the requirement, large format printing can handle it all.