How To Ensure A Successful Alteration?

How To Ensure A Successful Alteration_

In the modern times, dressing properly has become like a norm for everyone. In order to ensure that whatever clothes one wears suits them ideally, many people are opting for alteration services. Of course, modifying garments as per the specifications of your figure is a great way to enhance your dressing sense and look good in front of everyone. But in order to make that happen, a successful alteration is very important.

In general, there are 3 primary things that you need to consider while planning to get your clothes altered in a proper manner. The first step involves finding the right tailor , which proceeds onto checking whether or not the outfit has sufficient fabric for alteration, which is finally followed by determination of how the modification would affect proportions of the clothing.

Given below are elaborate descriptions of the above 3 primary things:

A Good Tailor

Finding a reliable and skilled seamstress who can perform alterations and repairs can be tricky. You may get someone who would be able to do the modification you seek, but he or she may not point out whether it is suitable for you or not. As such, it is very important to be careful with the selection process and do some legwork before settling with any tailor chosen at random. A professional who can provide quality work by understanding your requirements will be worth the investment you make.

Sufficient Fabric

Though locating a good alterer is vital, it alone can do nothing as long as you do not have sufficient fabric for the desired alteration. As such, while purchasing any new garment with plans of enlarging it, make sure that it has about ¾ inch of extra fabric along its seams. This thing is now a standard for most off-the-rack clothes. However, be careful when you are buying something from a thrift shop.

Proportion Limits

There are certain limits up to which a garment can be altered, as excessive modification can have adverse effect on its proportions. For instance, a person of height 5ft. 5 inches may have his jacket shortened by a tailor, but repositioning the pockets would be impossible, which can impart a ridiculous appearance to the entire jacket.

Thus, when making plans to get any of your clothes altered, do not forget to take into account the above mentioned points if you wish for your investment to be worthwhile.


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