Why Are Pop Up Bars So Popular?

pop up bar in Perth

Pop up bars and eateries have been growing in popularity ever since the beginning of this decade. These little food and drinks selling caravans can easily appear anywhere and then pack up without leaving behind much trace. They are very common at festivals and events, including weddings, birthdays, holiday parties and college reunions.

The rising trend of pop up bar in Perth is mainly due to the fun and spontaneity provided by it. Although some people may doubt the efficiency of movable pubs, there are a lot details and meticulous planning behind the working of pop up bars. For enamoring guests with high quality professional service, extemporaneity and experience are amalgamated by them extensively.

Nowadays, the demand for spontaneity at inexpensive rates is met greatly by pop up bars, which serve nearly all kinds of beverages drinks including top quality wines, spirits and beer. Even planners and catering companies utilise the services of movable pubs for dispensing drinks anywhere easily.

There is one more reason why pop up bars have become tremendously popular across the major cities of Australia – their availability in several different types. Some of the common ones have been mentioned below:

Compact – As the name suggests, this type is the smallest among all and can easily be assembled by a single individual within 90 seconds. In its disassembled state, the caravan is barely 7 inches thick. It comes with a detachable cutting board, an ice bin, a foldable shelf and a speed well.

Standard Portable – This one offers more space along with two cutting boards and ice bins and can be set up in less than 5 minutes. It is ideal for medium and small-scale events and often customised to have LED lights and branded panels.

Flash – The Flash bar is perhaps the best type of movable pub to have been designed until now. It can be customised to any shape and can be set up almost anywhere – restaurants, hotels, bars, concerts, stadiums, etc. This is because the modular system can be mixed and matched for fitting any and every space.

Professional Portable – Ideal for company events and wedding parties, the professional portable bar encompasses a wide range of additional features like knife and rag holder, folding shelf, paper towel rack and a cup rack.

At present, the potential of pop ups is being tapped even by big companies in Australia. What started out as a small underground craze has turned into a mainstream vogue.


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