Popular Door And Window Types in Sunshine Coast


Among the different essentials that make up a home, doors and windows are probably the most important. They are generally noticed by visitors before anything else and play an essential role in making a good impression on guests. That is why, a home owner needs to be very careful when selecting doors and windows for their house. There are a wide range of options available in the market of Sunshine Coast that one can choose from. Let’s have a look at some of the commonly preferred ones:


  • Glass – Glass doors come in many different types, the primary ones being those having multiple glass panels and the options fitted with a single large panel. Both variants are framed by aluminium or wood, and feature tempered glass that is resistant to breakage and can be either frosted, coloured or etched. You can also go for opaque options if privacy is your main concern. Some popular glass door options in Sunshine Coast are sliding, stacker and those with louvres above.
  • Steel – If you are looking for a highly secured option, steel door is what you need. There are an array of colour and design options that you can choose from. Steel entrance doors are also very cost-effective and last for long even with low maintenance.
  • Timber – As the name suggests, these are manufactured from timber and come in a variety of designs. Timber doors are also available in many different styles, like heritage, contemporary, country, etc. Using them, you can add a feeling of beauty and warmth to your abode.


  • Casement – Casement windows can either be paired or singles. They usually have a timeless look about them and provide excellent ventilation. They are generally made with aluminium or timber.
  • Sliding – Sliding windows typically consist of two panes, one fixed and the other sliding. The latter moves along a track within the frame so that the window can be opened or closed. These are very functional, simple to use and do not require maintenance. Besides that, they are also quite cheaper than the other types.
  • Double Hung – Double hung windows have two panels fitted inside the frame vertically and both of them can be moved independently. They are made using aluminium and timber, and even come in sashless options.

So now that you have formed a brief idea about the popular kinds of doors and windows in Sunshine Coast, make sure that you weigh the benefits of each one carefully before choosing a particular type.


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