What Are CAD And AutoCAD? How Can They Be Learned?


Computer aided design or CAD generally refers to the utilisation of computers for designing the architectural drawings of houses, interiors, office buildings, etc. with the help of specially designed applications. These applications allow drafters to connect virtually with one another and work from individual spaces. It is in contrast with the previously followed method of preparing drafts manually, which required teams of drafters to be present on-site. Depending on the kind of work which needs to be done, there are various forms of CAD. The 2 dimensional drafts are flat, whereas 2.5 and 3 dimensional drawings show space and depth of a model. Basically, an algorithm system helps to manipulate archaic objects into some desired shape. Solid modeling, surface and wireframe may also be used for calculating dimensions or simulating what the interior of a design may look like. There are many designing and architectural firms that offer professional CAD drawing services.

AutoCAD is one specific software currently used by thousands of designers and architects all over the world for variety of commercial purposes. It is a trademarked application of Autodesk that was launched in 1982 and follows the principles of CAD for modeling buildings, urban infrastructure, fashion designs and even manufactured goods. Architects and designers generally use AutoCAD for creating 2 and 3 dimensional custom designs of homes or renovations. Civil engineers, on the other hand, utilise it for improving the design of roadways and making towns and cities more energy-efficient. Other professions and industries that employ CAD include automotive technology, manufacturing, marketing, entertainment and advertising. Since each of them have different requirements, the AutoCAD software is available in multiple separate versions for architecture, mapping, piping, etc.

There are many community colleges and technical schools that offer separate courses for CAD, some of which can be completed within a time period of even a few weeks. CAD courses can also be opted as parts of degree or certificate programs, such as architecture program or fashion design. Some of these institutions may use AutoCAD for instructing the students, while others may employ a different software like TurboCAD or Solidworks.

Autodesk also provides training programs and courses through several authorised certification centres. Such courses are meant for preparing those enthusiastic students who wish to achieve certification right from the vendor. Depending upon the knowledge level and skills of an individual in AutoCAD, they may become an AutoCAD Certified User, Associate or Professional.


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