The Usefulness of CAD in Various Industries

Usefulness of CAD.jpg

In the modern world, computer aided design (CAD) software is utilised in a multitude of fields including architectural and industrial designing, automotive engineering, prosthetics, shipbuilding and aerospace industries for drawing, modifying, studying and optimising designs more effectively. It has almost replaced the age-old process of preparing two dimensional diagrams by hand.

There are countless features that CAD offers, which makes it so preferable among the industries that depend upon it. First of all, it allows creation of a database for the drafts that are prepared. Secondly, it improves the quality of any design by reducing room for errors. In general, it is used for designing curves and figures in 2D and solids, as well as curves and surfaces in 3D. Due to this, the quality and production of 2D and 3D drawings have skyrocketed significantly with the help of CAD. This, in turn, has made it possible to initiate projects more quickly and complete them even within a limited amount of time.

When CAD is used for designing electronic systems, it is known as electronic design automation (EDA). EDA plays a key role when it comes to creation of either raster graphics depicting overall look of designed items or vector-based graphics for displaying the objects of traditional drafting. On the other hand, the process of mechanical designing uses CAD in the form of mechanical design automation (MDA) to create technical drawings. The output of this software usually conveys a raft of information like materials, dimensions, processes and tolerances, as per conventions specific to application.

Among all the industries that have benefited from the use of CAD software, the greatest profiteer has been the architectural and building construction industry. With the help of professional CAD drawing services, architectural firms are now able to provide their clients with more accurate and advanced designs for small residential structures as well as large commercial construction. Even if there are any errors in a finished draft, they can be resolved immediately without much hassle.

Apart from being used for fabricating a wide range of designs, CAD software has also been extended to the realm of special effects that are common elements of modern day advertising, films and digital content of technical manuals. It has also allowed manufacturers to create and design better products that were almost impossible to be created during the 1960s. Even in computational geometry research and computer graphics, CAD software has been a huge influential force.


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